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Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea fishing for WahooAn average of 6 miles is all the further deep blue waters await off the Florida Keys offering some of the best deep sea fishing available in the Continental USA.

Our deep sea fishing fleet is up to the task to get you out there any day of the year in the search for your dream species. Whether it be a dolphin (mahi mahi) wahoo, tuna, kingfish, barracuda, mackerel, marlin or sailfish, we have them all.

Sport fishing boats are specially designed vessels that can handle the conditions of deep sea fishing keeping you dry and safe in the seas.

Trolling is the method of fishing where the boat crew expertly rigs baits to be pulled along behind the boat in a spread to resemble the natural food source. Strikes can be ferocious with. The mate and captain will work hard to put you in the strike zone and get you hooked up, all the while coaching you on how to reel in your catch.

For years anglers have come to the Florida Keys for the deep sea fishing as a tradition. Maybe its time for you to give it a try. Check out our Florida Keys Fishing Seasons to learn when you should be here to catch your fish of a lifetime..

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About Deep Sea Fishing Charters

We offer deep sea fishing charters that are 4, 6, and 8 hours in length for groups up to 6 persons. Rates start at around $750.00 for a half day and go up. Rates will vary from boat to boat based on amenities. Our sport fishing boats range in size from 38 - 50 ft. Some sport fishing boats have air conditioning and a nice place to sit out of the weather and all of them have bathrooms.

Our deep sea fishing Boats are outfitted with coolers for your drinks and catch separately filled with ice for your day.

Seasickness is a consideration for deep sea fishing. If you are prone to Sea Sickness but still want to go fishing, we might recommend a backcountry fishing charter where the waters are calm and the fishing is fun.

Reserve A Trip

To make a deep sea fishing reservation the best thing to do is call us directly We are always here standing by to help you put your Florida Keys fishing charter together. Tell us where you are staying and what type of experience you are looking for. We will offer you some suggestions and put you in touch with a well known charter that we know will take great care of you or your money back.