Flats Fishing Boats
  Flats Fishing Boats range in size from 16-20 ft in length. Capable of being in super shallow water to chase bonefish and permit. A traditional flats fishing platform.  

  This type of boat is used for flats fishing and can carry not more than 2 persons. Flats fishing boats can be a little tippy and some can only fish 1 angler at a time especially in fly fishing. These boats are the traditional way to fish the Florida Keys flats.
    • 2 Persons Max
    • Effective in Shallow Water.
    • Limited space for extras.
    • Experience is reccomended.
If a more stable fishing platform is needed please see our is what you are looking for, the flats boat is the way to go. Otherwise you can chase the same fish on the same flats and be more comfortable on a bay boat.