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Florida Keys Fly Fishing

fly fishing flats for permit. Angler shows off his permitSalt water fly fishing in the Florida Keys is an amazing way to fly fish. Sight fishing the flats for bonefish, tarpon and permit have taken the spotlight for so many years. Quick, long casts were required to get a chance at fighting one of these amazing sport fish.

We are making it easier. Although our fly fishing guides offer technical fly fishing on the flats for whatever challenging species our anglers would like to pursue, we can also take our anglers to places where even the most novice of fly fishermen can be rewarded with a nice fish on the line. An opportunity for everyone to learn and catch fish at the same time with our talented fishing guides that are willing to show you the way. All the while building a special bond and relationship with our anglers.

Back to basics. The Florida Keys fishing arena is so diverse one does not have to just focus on the holy grail of fly fishing challenges such as a permit or bonefish. We are taking anglers to their first salt water fish on fly every day of the week. Teaching along the way and matching the fish we are targeting to your current skill level.

Why Book With Us and Our Fishing Guides?

About Fly Fishing Charters

Fly Fishing the flats for barracudasWe offer fly fishing charters on two different platforms bay boats and flats fishing boats. Both are designed with the shallows and getting way back in the islands in mind giving our anglers a great casting platform to fly fish from at any level. We can set the fly fishing trips up for hard core experienced anglers that want to sight fish Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Redfish and Snook. We can also set up for a little easier targets such as barracudas, shark, snappers, jacks and shallow water grouper..

Fly fishing charters are the same rates as backcountry fishing and flats fishing charters. We supply all the fly fishing gear, leaders an flies you will need to make a great day of it. Because we can only fish one person at a time we recommend that our anglers keep it to 2 or less on a boat. While one person is casting the other will have to wait their turn. The bay boats can carry up to 3, although we can do it, we don't recommend it.

Fly Fishing For Tarpon

Fly fisherman hooked up on a tarpon in the Florida KeysFly fishing for tarpon here in the Florida Keys has become very popular. This challenging sport requires a good long 60 + ft cast using a 12 wt fly rod with inside12" of accuracy at the presentation of the fly. Fly fishing for tarpon season starts in May traditionally and carries through the months of July in Key West and ends sooner in the upper Florida Keys fisheries. This is a maturational route for the tarpon. They come right down the beaches in the shallows.

To hook up a fly fishing for tarpon trip. Call soon.. The trips with fishing guides that specialize in fly fishing for tarpon book up quickly.

Basic Recommendations

Be as honest with us as possible about your skill levels in fly fishing. This will aid us in placing you with the right fly fishing guide that will be best for your needs. Always wear lose fitting clothes and sunglasses for eye protection when fly fishing for safety reasons. If you are booking a fly fishing adventure in the summer consider Fly fishing for bonefish this angler shows off a nice sized bonefish caught fly fishingthe heat and how long you think you can handle it. Barefoot or deck shoes are fine.

Bringing Your Own Gear

There is really nothing like catching a trophy fish on your own fly rod - we get it. You are welcome to bring your own gear but please make sure it is up to the challenge of saltwater fly fishing. 7 - 12 wt rods with fast tips and 9+ ft long. For flats fishing we use a weight forward floating line. For tarpon fishing we use 11 and 12 weight lines both floating and intermediate for our needs here. Make sure your drag systems are large surface and disperse heat from friction well.

Here are Some Fly Fishing Guides that We book.

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Reserve A Trip

To make a fly fishing reservation the best thing to do is call us directly We are always here standing by to help you put your Florida Keys fishing charter together. Tell us where in the Florida Keys you are staying and what type of experience you might be looking for. We will offer you some suggestions and put you in touch with a professional fishing guide that we know will take great care of you or we will give you your money back.



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